Good grades: How do I best learn with videos?

6Thanks to YouTube, we can have everything explained with videos. So why not use videos to learn and deepen?

What is the benefit of learning with video?

With the learning videos of sofatutor you will be able to explain school subjects. This is fun and motivated to learn. But learning with videos provides other advantages:

Learning with the different senses: Unlike reading a text, videos are used to address the different senses: You take not only what you see, but also heard. In the interactive exercises of sofatutor, you are then asked to apply your knowledge. In this way, what is learned is transmitted from short to long-term memory.

Linking theory and practice: videos convey the learning material not only theoretically. They even explain complex topics easily by means of examples. This makes it easier for you to apply the learned theory to tasks.

Quick insight and safety in a topic: As you take the learning material through the sounds, pictures, text and movements of the video, you can quickly orient yourself on the topic. This way you can get security in a short time.

Learning in your own learning time: The teacher has explained a subject too quickly in the classroom? This can not happen to you while learning with a video. Here you can learn in your own learning time: You can stop the video, rewind and watch it until you understand the topic.

With small learning units to success: On you will find every topic that you at school. Complex topics have been broken down into short and comprehensible videos produced and audited by teachers. This gives you the chance to work out a complex, difficult topic in small learning units and to have success stories soon.
How do I learn the most effective video?

In order to achieve better grades, it is important that you repeat the course regularly. Also, you should close learning gaps quickly and effectively.

Watching Videos Concentrated: To truly understand a topic, you should watch the video in peace. Make sure you are not distracted.

Stop, rewind, look again: If a question remains open, you should stop the video and look at the right place again. If you have not understood everything yet, you should watch the video again.

Practice with the interactive exercises: To check and deepen the knowledge acquired through the videos, you should solve the interactive exercises. If you do not go further, you can have up to three tips displayed or with the video help jump to the point in the video, in which the facts are explained to you. By applying the knowledge you are optimally prepared for the tasks in tests and class work.

Solving tasks by hand: You can remember something better when it solves tasks by hand? Then you can edit the printed worksheets. You can also find them at