Do not be afraid of class work: So you are relaxed and successful

Nervousness is not a good advisor in class work. As you remain calm and avoid unnecessary mistakes, we tell you here.

Preparation for class work

A structured preparation for the class work is important, so that you do not get nervous or get a blackout during the work.

Creating a topic overview and creating a learning plan
First, you should have an overview of the topics to be learned: What can you do for class work? Then you create a learning plan: What do you learn when? How can such a learning plan look like, you learn in our article 4 days to the exam? No problem with this plan.

Check and sort materials
Now you should sort all worksheets, book entries and important book pages that you need for learning the topics. If something else is missing, you can ask your fellow pupils for help.

Learning specifically: Close and repeat knowledge gaps
It is important that you do not start by repeating the learning you have understood. The time should be useful for closing knowledge gaps. If this is done, everything else is repeated.

Comprehension and pronunciation
After learning, you should be able to summarize the most important points of the learning material. Explain it in your own words. If you can do this without problems, you have really understood the learning material.

Questioning and editing questions
Think about questions that might occur in the work and create a trial work. Then you solve the tasks to test yourself.

Relax the evening before class work
To avoid nervousness, you should stop learning. On the evening before the class, pack only your bag, to remember nothing important for the class work. Then you should relax and go to bed early. It is important that you are resident for the class work.

Breakfast and fresh air
Before work, you should eat balanced breakfast so you have enough energy. In addition, exercise and fresh air are important so you can concentrate well during work.

During class work

Ensure a relaxed atmosphere and stay calm
Before the class work, you should not let your fellow-schoolmates make you nervous. Some people like to go through what they have learned just before work. This can lead to panic. That’s why you should stick out and do not even listen. If nervousness begins, breathe deeply in and out. Focus on your body.

First, just listen and then read through the tasks
Often the teachers say a few words to the tasks before the class work. Here you should listen carefully, so you do not omit anything important. Then you should read the tasks carefully.

Start with the safe tasks
Anyone who bites teeth at the beginning of a job can get under pressure. It is important that you get an overview of the tasks before solving the tasks. When you start with the tasks you are sure of, you can then work on the rest of the tasks in peace and with the feeling of having done something.

Pause and drink
Even during class work, the head needs a break and body fluid. Do not forget to drink enough.

Use time and review tasks
If you are done before the hour, you should use the rest of the time to go through the answers again and correct mistakes.

Eliminate volatility errors
To discover your own mistakes, you need to change your view. For example, you can read the text word by word from back to front. Reading with the lips and without sound also helps to detect errors. Here, misspelled words form tripping and can be corrected. For more tips on how to avoid volatility mistakes, read this article.