Why not have fun learning – and how you can change that

1You do not want to learn and you risk your grades? Then you should change something. We tell you what you do wrong and how you enjoy learning.

No matter if for class work or just tests – you just do not feel like learning. So keep going until it’s almost too late. On the evening before class work, you sit in front of the books and try to beat the brain as fast as you can. Actually, you know that does not bring much. In the worst case, you get a black-out during class work. In order to be able to learn and to be well prepared in a classroom, you must first ask yourself why you do not enjoy learning. If you know the reasons, you can simply go against it.

You lack important knowledge!

The fun of learning disappears when you lack the basics. If you do not master the basic knowledge, it will be harder for you to follow the lessons and to work on the missing knowledge at home. Your knowledge gaps are getting bigger and bigger.

How do knowledge gaps arise?
But how do knowledge gaps arise? Knowledge gaps are faster than you think. You are distracted by a classmate or a classmate. Already you have missed important information. Perhaps the teacher does not explain the material so that you understand it. Or you were an hour sick and lost the connection.

No fun while learning

How do you recognize knowledge gaps?
Then you are sitting in the preparation for a class work and you do not know where you should start learning. You only see this huge mountain of learning material you have to work on. If you do not understand the basics of a subject, you will not understand the material that builds upon it. How should learning be fun?

How to close knowledge gaps?
Learning is fun only when you have closed your knowledge gaps and can concentrate on learning the new content. So, after each lesson, For example in the homework, whether you have understood everything. If you lack knowledge from previous hours or even class classes, you can simply work through this by using your book or the Internet.

You need someone to explain the fabric to you? Then watch the appropriate explanatory video. The short and easy-to-understand videos of sofatutor help you to really understand a topic. If you have any questions after looking the videos, teachers help you in the homework chat.

You’ll see, when you come back in class, you’ll be able to structure your learning better – and this huge mountain is no longer a mountain. And suddenly it’s fun again.

You never have success stories!

In the last class work you wrote a four. Such a note can be very depressing. You think you’ll never be good in this subject. Demotivate such thoughts. They are a main reason you do not want to learn. For having fun, you need success. The feeling of having mastered something well, being motivated to stay on the ball and next time as good or even better.

What are success stories?
This is why you have more pockets than others: in the subjects you like, you experience the feeling that you have done something well, more often. You are motivated to do something for this subject. This will make your notes better. You already have a feeling of success that motivates you to continue. You see, it’s a circuit. In order to have fun in the subjects you do not like, you also need success stories here. And how can these success experiences be achieved?0

How to get success?

Motivation in learning
Be aware that not only one thing is a success story. Even small successes are a step in the direction. Be it that you have only one task of your math homework properly. This is a success if you have not even come to the solution. You solved the interactive exercises of sofatutor without errors. Or you knew the first time in the Biounterricht the correct answer and your teacher has praised you. These are success stories that motivate you.

Try to collect more and more of these small successes. So you step by step closer to your goal of having more fun learning and improving your grades at the same time. And soon there will be no four, but maybe a two under the classwork.

You find the topic boring!

Not everyone is concerned. And not everyone has the same fun with each subject. Nevertheless, at least one student, who is or is burning for the topics covered, sits in each compartment. You do not understand how, for example, B. physics or geography can find exciting? Probably the students who like this subject have a different approach to the topics.

How to change the setting to a tray?
In order to have fun learning, even in the subject that you are bored, you should discover something in him that interests you. This means you have to turn your negative attitude into a positive one. Try to be more open to the subject and to get to know it again. Probably it is not as desolate as you think. Let your fellow students explain what they find interesting in the subject or how they learn for the subject.

How are boring topics exciting and interesting?
Next, try to approach the subject using stories. Even the most abstract, complicated and boring theme can be easily understood and interesting with a story. That is why every topic in the explanatory videos of sofatutor is packed in interesting, funny and colorful stories. For example, the graphs of square functions are explained by the story of the twins Noah and Joah, who have an intergalactic zoo with different animals of the galaxies.

Video graphs of quadratic functions
Stories do not just mean that the topic is suddenly no longer boring, but also serve as a pictorial example, with which one can learn the subject more easily and remember for a long time. If you write about the topic of a class work, you will immediately remember the story and use these associations to call up and write down your knowledge. This leads to a success experience and suddenly, even for you once the most boring professional fun.